Multiple Technologies

Working Altogether with Artificial Intelligence


Hybrid Structure

Stronger with Local and Centralized Technologies


Giant Software, Green Technology


Designed for highest stability, while minimizing the energy consumption,

Tina hardware includes a “Giant Software” in it!


Technology Orchestra!

Capable of running deep data analysis and signature-based controls on hardware as well as behavior analysis and dynamic analysis using advanced methods of the central data base and intelligence technologies, all  integrated together in Tina software, with also file based blocking of cyber attacks by sandbox-assistance.






Tina is a new security layer designed for increasing security, in all cases.


Can be used both as an additional security or as a replacement for old security infrastructure.

Comparison with Firewall:

Tina examines internet traffic in bridge mode and does not require any routing. It is used without need for rule based management or an active modification. Management interface does not require learning; does not have any additional training load or active follow-up requirement.


IDS / IPS / Antivirus / Antispam Comparison:

Tina not just uses static analysis, but also is able to provide a stronger behavior analysis and dynamic analysis with honeypot services included.


Sandbox Comparison:

Tina has two layer file analysis in which stable conclusions are made faster by unique static-file characteristic analysis and dynamic analysis running on a real operating system. Tina sandbox analysis does not only include files, but also includes analysis of links and strong against especially browser based attacks.


Intelligence and Data Base Comparison:

Tina has a unified central data base mechanism like a neural network; that is feed by both local appliances and scattered worldwide intelligence network. Live feeds are shared among along all Tina network to increase success of defence.




Tina’s unique and self developed, main technologies


 Central Threat Management  


Hardware based TINA TPI technologies


Instant Crime Analysis (ICA)

  • Enhanced package inspection technology that analysis protocols.
  • Equipped with artificial intelligence-based classification skills.
  • Can detect the addresses involved in the crime.
  • Can analyze and detect malicious command and control center of malware (C&C).
  • Monitors and analysis the domain name queries on the network.
  • Besides it’s own technologies, uses antivirus & antimalware and various 3rd party data bases to detect harmful data traffic.


Instant Correlation Engine (ICE)

  • Enables interaction with Instant Crime Analysis and other modules.
  • Maps and benchmarks with databases.


Instant Interception Firewall (IIF)

  • Enables the implementation of decisions derived from Tina’s automation, performs the automated firewall blocking of traffic and isolation decisions.
  • Controls traffic preventing, forwarding and client isolation when needed.
  • Emergency response option; Turns off all the ports through external network and just enables basic ports (Web and/or e-mail) open.
  • Prevents the execution of basic remote shell code’s.


Honeypot Services (HS)

  • Identifies and informs about activities against servers.
  • Detects and stops malicious malware and attacker activity on the network either already activated or trying to become active.
  • Detects and reports endpoint addresses of command and control centers (C&C) of malware and/or attacker


Protocol Analysis Investigator (PAI)

  • Most advanced Tina technology which enables detection of APTs with high ratio. It’s a unique technology that uses protocol analysis for detecting and following suspicious connections either a new or an established connection. Works even it is a secured (SSL/TLS) connection.
  • Available in two separate modes;
    • Advanced PAI: protocol follows suspicious connections
    • Active PAI: protocol follows all connections

Central Threat Management


Central management and database technology


CTM Update

  • Central database that contains harmful resource information and all threat analysis
  • Performs data base updates 7/24 automatically
  • Updates the entire Tina’s; performs database and software updates automatically


CTM Notification

  • Centre of alerting feature
  • Provides periodic reporting


CTM Management

  • Device overview screen (dashboard)
  • Provides instant reporting
  • Unlimited log storage capacity
  • Provides device management via Web



  • Module that enables log sharing via API
  • Compatible with multiple systems; provides easy setup, can be matched with SIEM


CTM Multidevice

  • Combines multiple devices into one account
  • Provides a single interface for tracking multiple devices
  • Enables reporting and commanding of each devices separately


Global detection systems


Global Honeynet

  • Trapped vulnerable systems for detection of bots and attackers that are searching for vulnerabilities in Internet.
  • Collects spams and/or targeted e-mails towards strategic sectors and forwards to CSI for further analysis.
  • Works interactive with CTM and activates traps by subject tracking if necessary.


Enhanced Domain Inspector (EDI)

  • Extensive server observation and inspection system detects threat by scoring, even the server may not implicated for a crime yet
  • Detects (region-specific only) phishing-based attacks even before crime elements created yet
  • Runs automatic scans on accessible Internet fields and deep Internet (deepweb) fields


File Inspection and Sandbox Technology



Feeds other Tina systems and technologies with central analysis, including both automated and supervised laboratory analysis.


Multiple Structure

  • Can examine more than one layer as; static analysis, dynamic analysis, behavior analysis
  • Besides file analysis, includes link and code tracking features on it’s analysis


Monitoring and Support System

  • Analyzes data received from the CAT System and suspicious data demanded by Tina appliances.
  • Follows the links within the e-mails and analyzes


Data Privacy and Protection

  • Protects data privacy; does not share any personal data, does not transfer out any personal data, does not analyze private data
  • Does not store any instance of files on sandbox analysis


Prevention Techniques Against Anti-Sandbox 

  • Accommodates prevention techniques against anti-sanboxing technologies
  • Sandbox analysis are operated on actual operating systems

Türk Malı

TINA technologies are developed by

ISR Bilgi Güvenliği Ar. Ge. ve Yaz. Dest. Hizm. Ltd. Şti. at TUBITAK Gebze Campus

since 2014.

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